Growing up, I believed that I was not a creative person.  I tested right brain dominate over and over again.  I liked math because there was a right answer and no papers to write.  I considered myself an athlete, not an artist, and I swam back and forth in a pool endlessly to prove it.  I studied econometrics and I went to business school.  I worked a lot. 

Ever since business school and a move to Seattle, art has been slowly unfolding for me.  I have dabbled in mosaics, stained glass, painting and print making.  Three years ago, I began classes in jewelry making at North Seattle College and was immediately hooked.  

This past year, I found a mentor in Nicole Ringgold, a full time silversmith in Twisp WA.  A week long workshop in Nicole's studio gave me a vision for a home studio and a generous offer from a fellow artisan in Seattle to loan me her equipment got me up and running.

I love spending days in my studio creating.  I typically don't have a set plan when I enter the studio.  Rather, I tend to stare at my scraps and let them guide the process.  I use mostly silver, with some copper and brass accents.  I also use stone and glass cabochons in my design.  

This summer, I began to pair jewelry design with my love of flowers and foliage and can often be found walking around my neighborhood hanging earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings off of the neighbors plants and trees. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey of creative unraveling.