Why be ordinary?

My handcrafted silver pieces aren’t just accessories - they're a celebration of your uniqueness and all the incredible things you’ve accomplished. 

Join me in embracing the power of jewelry to play, express, and honor the incredible woman you are, free from the need to prove anything.
Hell yeah, you're absolutely worth it!


Hey, I'm Alyssa, the creative spirit behind A. Farber Design. My artistic style is a celebration of self-expression and happy mistakes, weaving themes of uniqueness, imperfection, and joy into each creation. As I let the materials guide me, truly unique and unexpected art emerges.

My creative journey wasn’t a straight line. I once stuck to the structured world of sports, math, and the corporate hustle. However, in my 30s, after grabbing an MBA—go figure!, creativity found me. From beading to stained glass, mosaics to block printing, I explored it all. The turning point? A jewelry class in 2014 that hooked me entirely. A decade later, I'm thrilled to share my creations with the world—it's my time.

Why silversmithing?  It's my playground—a realm where I take risks, savor imperfections, and dive headfirst into a whirlwind of possibilities. And let's not overlook the fact that working with fire is totally badass!

My mission is simple—explore my inner artist fully and inspire others to put themselves into the world in meaningful ways that express their authentic selves with confidence and joy.

Let's take this journey together. I'm eager to see which creations resonate with you and how you'll make them uniquely yours!  

"Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in all of us" - Virginia Wolf